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300% Deposit Casino Bonuses

So, what is the best part of playing in an online casino? Apart from the wide range of games and superb user experience, you are drawn to the lucrative casino bonuses. And there is nothing like getting a 300% casino bonus to start your journey. But what exactly is a 300% bonus, and how can you make the most of it? Well, you have come to the right place to know about all of that. Read on!

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What Exactly Is a 300% Deposit Bonus?

The 300 per cent deposit bonus is a type of promotion that you will find in a number of online casinos. It is often used to encourage the players to sign up and make the first deposit in the player account. Such bonuses might come with free spins as well. Welcome bonuses such as these typically have a maximum fund limit that the casino offers to improve your bankroll. You just need to find the bonus that matches your style of gaming.

Similar to other types of online casino offers, 300 per cent deposit bonuses also have certain terms and conditions attached to them. This is why it’s really important to take a look at the wagering requirements before choosing any casino based on bonuses. The availability of bonuses makes the difference between making a good profit and leaving empty-handed.

Mechanism of 300% Deposit Bonus: The Way It Works

Typically, in order to get such generous bonuses from online casinos, you will need to make the deposits. After you add funds to your account, the casino is going to calculate the percentage of your 300% deposit bonus. Then, your casino account will be funded with extra cash. In some cases, you might need a particular code to claim the bonus. If the casino is claiming to offer the bonus, but you haven’t received it yet, get in touch with customer care for it.

In other words, a 300 per cent casino bonus is going to multiply your deposits by three. For instance, you claim the bonus of 200 GBP. So, the total funds in your casino account will reach 800 GBP. But there is a limit on the bonus amount that you can receive. So, if the bonus is limited to 500 GBP, you will get 500 GBP and not 600 GBP after depositing 150 GBP.

Pros and Cons of a 300% Deposit Bonus: Is It Really All Good?

There is no denying that such a match deposit bonus is attractive and makes you want to play more. But there are downsides to these bonuses as well.


  • There is an additional possibility of hitting the jackpot because you have more money to play with.
  • You can try and learn more games because your casino wallet is now extended.
  • You are ready to take more risks, thanks to the free money added to your casino account.
  • You can withdraw the money earned from the rewards of the game that you played using the first deposit bonus.
  • This bonus goes well with other casino promos that are available.


  • There are some strict rules and regulations (wagering conditions) attached to such hefty casino bonuses.
  • Some casinos might make you wager fifty times the bonus before letting you withdraw the money.
  • You can use the 300% welcome bonus only on a select number of games or a specific number of times.

Where to Find the Best 300% Casino Bonuses in the United Kingdom?

The 300% deposit bonus is found on a number of casino sites in the UK. Such bonuses are offered to the players after a detailed assessment of the entire online betting market and the bonuses given by other casinos. There is an entire system of advanced technology active in the scenes in this case.

Thus, the promotions and bonuses aren’t constant in every casino. They keep changing the offers as per the market condition. In any case, the players benefit as they get extra money to play more games.

Most UK casino sites have these bonus offers for new players. Usually, there is a wagering requirement that comes with it. The play-through requirements are not the same for every casino site. For instance, if the wagering requirement of a site is 40X, it means you will need to bet using your bonus winnings forty times before withdrawing the money.

Don’t forget to check out the list above to know about the most popular casinos with a 300% deposit bonus in the UK.

Match Deposit Bonus & No Deposit Bonus: A Comparison

The welcome package of an online casino can either have a match deposit or no deposit bonus. There are both similarities and differences between these two types of bonuses.


  • Both bonuses are offered as a part of the welcome offer of the casino.
  • Players can receive a 300% casino bonus and no-deposit bonus, along with free spins and other promotions.
  • Several terms and conditions of both the bonuses are similar. For example, there are wagering requirements for both, though the actual numbers are not the same.


The main difference pertains to whether or not you need to make a deposit. So, in case of a 300% welcome bonus, you will have to make an actual deposit to your casino account. The casino matches your deposit and gives you three times that amount in your account up to a particular limit.

However, with a no-deposit bonus, you just need to register at the online casino. After registering, the amount is deposited in your casino account directly. You do not need to make any deposits to the account to win the bonus.

Steps to Claim the 300% Deposit Bonus

Claiming your match deposit bonus is pretty easy. Here are the steps you need to follow to win your deposit match bonus.

  • Step 1. Choose an online casino and check the deposit bonus offered.
  • Step 2. Register on the casino website and reach the payments page.
  • Step 3. Select the model of the deposit that suits you and deposit your preferred amount. Most casinos have limits on the minimum amount you will have to deposit. So, proceed accordingly.
  • Step 4. Your bonus will automatically be credited to your account. Check your casino account to see if it has been credited. If you are at a site with the 300% deposit casino bonus, you will notice a three times increase in your deposit account.

Wagering Requirements of the 300% Casino Bonuses

Casinos have their wagering requirements about bonuses mentioned on a different page. So, read that page thoroughly before depositing your money. A wagering requirement refers to a specific sum of money that you need to spend on different slots and games before you can withdraw any amount. Let’s explain this further.

For instance, say you have deposited 100 GBP in your account. If the 300% deposit bonus is available, you are supposed to get 300 GBP. However, the funds will remain locked because you will need to wager ten or forty times first (based on the casino policies) to unlock your funds. The funds can be unlocked by playing various games or specific games mentioned by the casino.

Can You Ever Get Free Spins With the 300% Deposit Bonus?

The match deposit bonus is not exclusive to other offers. So, there is no reason to think that it cannot be clubbed with other bonuses, such as free spins. In fact, there are both 300 deposit and no deposit free spins available in the online casinos for you. The casinos want to attract new players to their sites. To that end, they combine such bonuses and promos together to make the offer even more enticing to the players.

The Most Common Match Deposit Bonuses Found

Along with the 300% first deposit bonus, the UK casinos offer several other first deposit promos of different percentages. So, it is advisable that you check the deposit bonus available at an online casino before registering on it.

Some of the common first deposit promos available at the UK casinos, other than the 300% first deposit bonus, are:


Which Players Can Claim 300 Deposit Deal?

The 300 per cent deposit bonus is usually reserved for players joining online casinos for the first time. They get the bonus after they make their first deposit.

Can Existing Players Claim This Offer?

Existing players cannot claim any first deposit offer. However, if they have stayed with an online casino for a certain period of time, they get loyalty benefits and regular rewards.

Can I Claim 300% Deposit Bonuses on Mobile?

It is possible to claim the 300% deposit bonus on your mobile or on your laptop. Your device does not restrict you from availing of the bonuses.

What Games Can I Play at the Casino With my 300% Casino Bonus?

It differs from one casino to another. In most casinos, you will be allowed to play any game that you want with your deposit bonus. In others, you will only get to wager that amount on specific games.

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