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Best Casino Bonuses and Offers

If you want to start playing casino games with a boost and continue doing that without a break, you should take advantage of online casino bonuses. But you can’t just pick any promotion: it should be the best casino bonuses because only then can you gain a real advantage. While gambling offers can be found on most UK casino sites, finding the best casino bonus can be difficult: in this guide, we’ll help you with that.

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What Is a Casino Bonus, and Why Do Casinos Provide Them?

Advertising and marketing are important for online gambling like any other industry. Casino sites, like other online merchants, try to acquire new customers and retain their existing players. For this, they organise many promotions to encourage them. Some of these are designed to tempt players to become members, others to persuade them to remain members. In any case, the purpose of casino bonuses is clear: to encourage you to start and/or continue playing.

Therefore, the contents of the casino bonuses offered to new players and existing members differ from each other. New member bonuses tend to be larger but can only be used once. For example, the welcome pack, which can be found in every online casino, matches the first deposit with a certain rate and usually gives a certain number of free spins too. To give a simple example, when you deposit 50 Pounds, you get a 100 Pounds bonus and 100 free spins: the match rate of this bonus is 200%. The purpose of such an offer is obvious: to encourage a player to join the casino and make their first deposit.

The casino bonuses offered to existing members are smaller, but they have continuity. In other words, they can be used multiple times. For example, the online casino may offer its members a match rate of 50% for all deposits they make on weekends. This means that by depositing, for example, £100 every week, you can get a bonus of £50. The purpose of this offer is to encourage the player who has already joined the casino to continue playing and making deposits.

We know the question in your mind: Don’t casinos lose money by giving “free money”? We’ll explain this in detail below, but the short answer is no, they don’t lose anything because of something called “wagering requirements”. Bonuses in all these examples are “locked” until certain conditions are met, meaning you cannot redeem or withdraw them immediately. For this, you must first wager a certain amount of money, which can be as high as 10 – 40 times the bonus amount. So, for example, for the casino to give you a 50 GBP bonus, you will first have to spend 500 GBP: below, we will explain in detail how this mechanic works.

What Are the Types of Casino Bonuses?

For a beginner, all casino bonuses may look the same, but that’s not the case. Casino promotions are divided into many different types in terms of claim conditions, content, and reward types. If you want to take advantage of the best casino bonuses, you should first learn about the types of promotions you can use and what you can expect from them. Below you can find information about the most common types of online casino bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

It can be said that this is the best casino bonus for many reasons because, as the name suggests, it does not require a deposit. In order to activate almost all other bonus offers, you need to make a deposit or lose money. For no deposit bonuses, on the other hand, it is sufficient to complete the registration process. In return, you get cash or free spins: we talk about both below.

Cash Bonuses

This offer credits a certain amount of bonus funds to your account upon membership. The amount of this money is different in each casino, but generally, it can be said that it varies between 5 GBP – 20 GBP. Unlike classic deposit match bonuses, you can start using your bonus money right away. In other words, your bonus is not in a “locked” state, it is ready to be used. Unless otherwise stated, you can use this money in any game.

If you make a profit with your bonus money, it will be transferred to your balance in a “locked” state. To unlock and make your winnings withdrawable, you must first complete the wagering requirements. For example, let’s say you get 10 GBP with this bonus, play blackjack with this money, and win 50 GBP. You can see your winnings in your account, but you cannot withdraw them before wagering a certain amount of money first.

The most common examples of no deposit cash bonuses are:

  • £5 free no deposit casino bonus: This is the most common example of the offer, and it adds 5 GBP to the account of new members.
  • £10 free no deposit casino bonus: With this offer, you get a balance of 10 GBP that you can use immediately.
  • £20 free no deposit casino bonus: This bonus allows you to earn a bonus balance of 20 GBP for free.

Free Spins

This type of no deposit bonus assigns a certain number of free spins to your account as soon as signup is complete. It is more common than no deposit cash offers. There is almost no difference in the way it works: just like no deposit cash bonuses, you can immediately use the free spins in your account. However, no deposit free spins can almost always be used only on a particular slot game chosen by the casino. In other words, unlike cash bonuses, you cannot freely choose the game in which you can use your spins.

In this promotion, the payout you earn with your free spins is yours and is instantly transferred to your account. However, wagering requirements must be met first in order to make the payout usable/withdrawable. For example, if you get 20 spins with this bonus and win 100 GBP using them, you will not be able to withdraw it without first wagering a certain amount of money. No deposit free spins bonuses have a wide variety, and the number of spins you can win usually ranges from 10 to 50.

Deposit Bonuses

These types of bonuses are the opposite of no deposit offers: you need to deposit a certain amount of money to activate them. In return, you get bigger rewards and more variety compared to no deposit promotions. Deposit bonuses can gift you with many different things: below, we mention the most common examples.

Deposit Match Bonus

It is possible to say that this is the most common casino bonus. You can find some kind of deposit match bonus in every online casino that exists. As the name suggests, this promotion matches the amount of deposits made at a certain rate. What this rate will be and how many times the bonus can be used depends on who can use it. In this regard, it is possible to basically divide deposit match bonuses into two categories.

  • Welcome Bonus. This deposit match bonus is only offered to new members and can only be used once unless stated otherwise. This offer matches the new member’s first deposit at a high rate (it is possible to find match rates such as 200%, 300%, or even 400%). It is a very advantageous promotion as it allows the player to increase his starting budget by 2, 3, or even 4 times. For example, even by depositing 10 Pounds, you can get a bonus of 30 Pounds (300%). Your bonus will be “locked” to your account and will only be available after the wagering requirements have been met. In other words, unlike no deposit bonuses, the bonus money cannot be used immediately.
  • Reload Bonus. This deposit match bonus is for existing members, and it does the same thing: matching the deposits made by a certain ratio. However, it does so in a continuous way, meaning it can be used multiple times. For example, an online casino may offer a match rate of 75% for deposits made every Wednesday, and it is possible to take advantage of this bonus every week. For the same reason, match rates are lower compared to welcome offers. The bonus money transferred to your account can be withdrawn/used after the wagering conditions are met.

Cashback Bonuses

A cashback bonus may be the most advantageous promotion you can use for online gambling. This is mostly because it does not require wagering. This bonus returns a certain part of the player’s lost money to his account at regular intervals (i.e., every Monday of the week). For example, let’s say you lose 500 Pounds playing roulette: next week, you can get 100 Pounds back. In this example, the cashback bonus rate is 20%. There is no need for wagering requirements as the refunded money is your money and not the casino’s: you can use or withdraw the refund immediately.

A cashback bonus does not require you to make a deposit. Instead, you have to lose money. However, since this requires making a deposit first, it is technically still listed among the deposit bonuses. Cashback bonuses are often part of loyalty programs, and the percentage of return is determined by your level in that program.

How Can You Claim a Casino Bonus

Taking advantage of casino bonuses is actually not difficult: even if it’s your first time, you can claim your bonus within a few minutes. However, we recommend that you follow the steps below to complete this process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Find an online casino that offers the bonus (no deposit, deposit match, etc.) you want to use. For this purpose, you can choose one of the casino sites we recommend to you.
  2. Visit the casino site and complete the registration process. Log in with your username & password: if you are taking advantage of a no deposit bonus, it must be activated now.
  3. If you are using a deposit match bonus, continue by making your first deposit. To do this, simply click the “deposit” button in your account, choose one of the available payment methods, and deposit enough to trigger the bonus.
  4. A few minutes after the payment is completed, your match bonus will be automatically credited to your account: start enjoying!

Terms & Conditions Associated with Casino Bonuses

To take advantage of the best casino bonuses, you need to check the terms of use, not the match rates. While doing this, we recommend that you pay special attention to the following points.

Minimum Deposit Limit. Match bonuses are triggered by making a deposit, and there is always a minimum limit for it. Start by learning what this limit is.

Wagering Rate. We mentioned above that you need to wager a certain amount of money to complete the wagering requirement. The wagering rate determines what this amount will be. This ratio can be any value from 5x to 40x (less or higher is also possible). To find out how much money you have to wager, simply multiply the bonus amount by the wagering rate. For example, a 100 GBP bonus with a 10x rate requires wagering 1,000 GBP (10 x 100). Make sure the wagering rate is fair and within your budget.

Account Restrictions. Some restrictions will be applied to your account until the wagering conditions are met. The most common of these are the maximum bet limit and the withdrawal ban. You are not allowed to bet more than a certain amount until the wagering is complete, and withdrawing within this period may result in the cancellation of the bonus. Find out what restrictions apply to your account.

Contribution Rates. You can play any game you want during the wagering period, but only some of these will contribute to the related requirement. For example, your wagers in slot machines can contribute 100%, while your wagers in roulette games can only contribute 15%. Learning the contribution rates of the games will allow you to complete the wagering conditions faster.

Bonus Money vs Free Spins: Which Bonus is Best?

We mentioned above that casino bonuses usually give bonus money and free spins. So, if a casino bonus asks you to choose only one, which offer should you choose? Which promotion will earn you more? First of all, you should prefer promotions that do not ask you to make a choice but allow you to get both bonuses at the same time. However, if this is not possible, it would be best to decide by looking at the content of both offers. Because it is not possible to say that one of these bonuses is always better than the other. Let’s try to explain by giving a few simple examples.

  • Let’s say you have to choose between 100 GBP and 100 free spins.
  • You can use your 100 GBP bonus money in any game you want. Let’s say you play European roulette, place outside bets that pay only 1:1, and wager GBP 10 for each bet.
  • On European roulette, your chances of winning are over 48% for bets that pay 1:1. In practice, this will not be possible, but in this example, let’s say you win all your bets. This means that for every 10 GBP bet, you will receive a 20 GBP payout (10 GBP initial bet + 10 GBP payout). So, a total of 200 GBP will accumulate in your bonus balance (100 GBP bonus + 100 GBP bonus winnings), and you can withdraw this money after completing the wagering requirements.
  • Let’s say your free spins are worth 0.10 GBP each, and you use them on a slot machine that pays 5x the bet. You will make a total of 100 spins, and for each of them, you can win a maximum of 0.50 GBP (0.10 x 5). Even if all your spins result in a win, you can win a total of 50 GBP (0.50 x 100). This means that a total of 150 GBP will accumulate in your bonus balance (100 GBP bonus + 50 GBP bonus winnings).

In this example, it would, of course, be more advantageous to opt for the 100 GBP casino bonus money. However, you may have noticed the problems in this example: first of all, no matter which bonus you choose, you will not be able to win every game you play. In addition, the bonus money is more advantageous because free spins can only be used in a 5x payout slot game. The free spins bonus could have been more advantageous if the online casino had chosen a slot machine with a higher RTP rate and higher payouts.

That’s why you should always pay attention to the context of bonuses that prompt you to make a choice. Take a look at the spin value of your free spins and in which slot they can be used. Check out the features of this slot (RTP rate, max payout, etc.) and try its demo version. If you think it offers the potential to win more than the bonus money, choose the free spins bonus. Otherwise, the bonus money offer would be a better choice. In any case, do not think that one offer will always be better than the other: these bonuses should always be evaluated individually.

This also applies to casino bonuses that do not require you to make a deposit. If you can’t choose between the no deposit free spins bonus and the no deposit cash bonus, check the offer contents as explained above: choose whichever offers more winning potential.

Pros & Cons

Gambling promotions are beneficial and allow both new and existing members to enjoy many advantages. However, for this, they must be selected and used correctly, and even then, there are still some disadvantages. Check out the lists below to find out exactly what to expect from online casino bonuses.


  • You can play for real money without any investment (no deposit bonus).
  • You can easily increase your starting bankroll several times.
  • You can win free spins that you can use in popular slots.
  • You can get some of your lost money back.
  • You can continue to play with your bonus balance even if you run out of money on your real balance.
  • You can win a reward each time you deposit.


  • You cannot use your bonus (or bonus winnings) until you complete the wagering conditions.
  • If the wagering rate is high, the casino bonus may become completely useless.
  • With a few exceptions, every bonus obliges you to remain a member for a certain period of time (due to wagering requirements).


Can I Win Real Money with Casino Bonuses?

Yes, you can win real money with online casino bonuses. You can do this in two ways: one, you can transfer and withdraw the money defined in your bonus balance to your real balance after completing the wagering requirements. Two, you can play games using your bonus money and get real winnings.

Are Casino Bonuses for New Customers Only?

No, both new and existing members can benefit from online casino bonuses. Unless the bonus is specific to a specific customer type (for example, the casino may offer the cashback bonus only to players who have been members for at least three months), then anyone can benefit from it.

What Games Can I Play with My Casino Bonus?

The casino determines which games a bonus can be used on. Cash bonuses usually have no restrictions, players can use their bonus balance in any game. However, some casino bonuses are inherently only specific to certain games: for example, free spins can only be used on slots.

Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

Online casino bonuses are always beneficial if they are chosen and used correctly. They allow you to test a casino for real money without making an investment, increase your starting budget, or even get some of your losses back. Feel free to use casino bonuses.

Do Casinos Bonuses Require a Bonus Code?

Using codes is an option, not a mandatory requirement, to claim online casino bonuses. The casino decides whether a code is required and states this in the bonus terms of use. Code usage is more common in some casino bonuses (e.g., no deposit bonus).

Can I Claim a Bonus Multiple Times from the Same Casino?

This depends on the type of bonus. Some online casino bonuses (e.g., welcome pack – first deposit bonus) are designed to be used only once. However, some can be claimed regularly. For example, the reload bonus allows you to earn a reward (cash or free spins) every time you make a deposit.

How Can I Withdraw My Bonus?

When you open your profile page, you will see that you have two balances, “real” and “bonus”. The money in your real balance can be withdrawn at any time. After completing the wagering conditions, the money in your bonus balance will be automatically transferred to your real balance and become withdrawable.

Can I Use Bonuses on My Mobile Phone?

Regardless of the type, you can claim casino bonuses from any device and even complete the wagering requirements with the same device. Sometimes this is even more advantageous: some casinos display bigger or exclusive offers when connected from a mobile device to encourage mobile gaming.

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