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400% Deposit Casino Bonus

The 400% deposit casino bonus is a type of special offer given to unique players. It is mainly offered as a welcome bonus, where you get up to 400% of what you have deposited which is spread throughout your first few deposits. This limit will reach up to how much you spend and can be different for each UK casino site that offers the bonus. You can get up to hundreds of pounds worth of money, which can be spent on some of the best casino games around. Further below, we will explain all of what you need to know.

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An Explanation for a 400 Deposit Bonus

A 400 casino deposit bonus is where you are given a big percentage increase to the funds you have already given. This type of match bonus offer mainly comes in welcome bonuses, meaning it adds on top of what you have spent. Sometimes you can gain it through VIP clubs or through weekly deals. The key is to use it right away so that you can be given more money to spend. The more you spend, the more likely you are to receive a big amount. This version means you don’t have to lose too much money in the beginning either.

How Can a 400% Deposit Bonus in the UK Work?

The way it works is simply through mathematics. The 400% is the percentage increase that applies to the deposit you have made. For example, if you have deposited up to £20, then this means you will get up to £8,000 in bonus funds. However, this can be classed as too much money from just a first deposit. This is why the 400% welcome bonus is usually spread between several deposits. Your first deposit bonus will only have a quarter of it and then spread through your other three deposits.

A deposit match bonus normally has plenty of different ways to offer money. This is just one of those ways. You can find a big sum of money offered in a single bonus but this is a rarity. It is better to stick with a match deposit bonus so that you can spread out the funds. These types of promotions are designed so that beginners can keep their bonus money for as long as possible. If they make use of every penny, it can be that much more rewarding.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a 400% Deposit Bonus

While there can be many benefits to the 400% deposit bonus, it can have drawbacks. Make sure that you are fully aware of the pros and cons before deciding. If you decide to commit, you could regret your choices later.


  • You can earn a large sum of money that can help win games. The amount you earn could be double or triple this amount.
  • The online casino bonus can spread through several of your first deposits. This means that it can last for as long as possible. The longer you can make it last, the more possible wins you can get without giving up more money.
  • The bonus funds are essentially free, meaning you can maximise your profits. Earn money without having to pay up anything extra.


  • Once the money is gone, it can be hard to get it all back. It can be a waste of an opportunity if you have experienced nothing but losses with it.
  • The bonus may not reach the maximum amount allowed if you only make small wagers. Meeting the minimum deposit bonus may not lead to big winnings.
  • Make sure that the bonus is attached to a good casino. The 400% can matter very little if it cannot be used on games you are good at.

Where Can 400% Casino Bonuses in the UK be Found?

There are many sources you can use to help you find a 400% casino bonus. A lot of the best recommendations can be found at the top of this page. These are considered the best choices as of the date of this article. Make sure to keep checking online review sites like this one for further updates. There are always going to be new promotions posted, so be sure to check the bonus section of the casino you are registered with.

How Do I Trigger a 400% Deposit Bonus?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can activate this bonus offer:

  1. Make sure that the bonus belongs to the casino of your choice. You can check the recommendations, as well as the casino itself, for free.
  2. Sign up for the casino using your email and password. Once registration is complete, the bonus will be applied to your new account.
  3. Claim the bonus by using a code or by simply signing in as a new player. The offer will be dealt out depending on how many of your first deposits it applies to.
  4. Keep depositing money to have the match bonus spread throughout. Once you have reached the last part of the money on your next deposit, no more funds will be awarded to you.
  5. Be sure to pay attention to any other wagering requirements that could apply. These will be stated in the terms and conditions of the bonus offer.

No Deposit Bonuses vs Match Deposit Bonuses

These two types of bonuses can often offer the same percentage add-on. However, the way they deal out the money can be done very differently. A no deposit bonus will have a lot more going on compared to the simplicity of the match bonus. Here is how they differ:

Match Deposit Bonus No Deposit Bonus
Pros Pros
This can be awarded regularly with no problem. All you have to do is sign up. Even more money can be offered once the requirements have been followed.
Keep depositing money to be given more money. You can use the money you have won from the first deposit to keep the chain going until it ends. The requirements can push you to play more games and win you more money. You are compelled to get possibly even bigger wins.
If you bet the maximum amount, this can lead to an even bigger match bonus. The percentage applies to the total amount meaning the numbers increase as you increase wagers. Once the requirements have been completed, you can withdraw all of the winnings you have gained. This can lead to a massive sum of money being transferred to your bank account.
Cons Cons
A match deposit bonus only has a limited amount of money it can go up to. Once that money has reached the limit, you will be allowed no more bonus funds. You must fulfil the wagering requirements before you are allowed to withdraw. This includes all of the winnings you have earned from the bonus money.
The bonus can only apply to a limited number of deposits. If you have not used all of the bonus money within those deposits, the rest of the bonus funds will go to waste. The requirements will force you to keep playing. If you lose, you will not have enough to meet the requirements. Therefore, you will not be able to withdraw any of your winnings.

Terms and Conditions That Apply to 400% Casino Bonuses

The terms and conditions are stated with all kinds of casino bonuses. These are controlled by the online casino and the gambling licence that governs it. It includes everything you need to know on how to proceed. This information consists of the legal conditions, the requirements that apply, and how you are eligible. Be sure to read through the T&C carefully so you can resolve any problems that may occur. It also contains situations you may have to contact customer service about.

How to Decide on the Best 400% Deposit Bonus? What Factors Influence My Choices?

There are multiple elements that can help decide on your bonus. For starters, choose the casino site itself. You must make sure that the casino has games you prefer playing. The next thing to look out for is safety and security. The gambling licence can be the main proof that this establishment is protected. Afterwards, read the T&C of the bonus and see how it is delivered. If you prefer it all in one go, then look for the regular deposit. If you would like it spread through multiple deposits, make sure it states so in the promotion offer details.

Are There any Free Spins With a 400% Deposit Bonus?

Free spins can be used on slot machines to win more money. They can let you spin the reels without having to place a bet each time. These free spins can occasionally be offered with a match bonus. A 400% offer may also come with 30 free spins, as an example. You can also find no deposit free spins too, which means you can complete the wagering requirements with more help. Read the offer carefully to see if free spins are also attached.

Which Match Deposit Bonuses Appear the Most?

It isn’t just the 400% deposit bonuses that appear. Often you will find the same type but with different percentages. This can all depend on if the casino can afford to hand out large sums of money to new players. If they can, they will usually first start with 100% deposit bonuses. This is the most common. Other variants also exist.

A lot of them will also come with free spins depending on the size of the percentage.


Can New and Existing Players Claim the 400 Deposit Deal?

Quite often the deal will only be available for new players. Existing customers may find it in loyalty programs.

Does the 400% Deposit Bonuses Exist on Mobile?

Mobile casinos can still offer the 400% welcome bonus as part of their mobile site. Check the page on the mobile version beforehand.

What Games Are Available for Us of the 400% Casino Bonus?

Slot machines are common for use with the 400% first deposit bonus. There may be some tables like blackjack or roulette that can be applied too. Free spins only work with online slots.

Can the 400% Bonus Apply Multiple Times?

It can be spread evenly through multiple deposits, starting with the 400% first deposit bonus. The total bonus itself may not be triggered multiple times if you are an existing player.

Can I Keep My Winnings With the 400 Percent Bonus?

You can withdraw your winnings at any time. If it is a no deposit bonus, you must complete the wagering requirements first before withdrawing.

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