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Match Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos give numerous casino bonuses to lure new players and keep old players happy. But of all the extras, the match deposit bonus is the most common deposit bonus for players.

Punters enjoy match bonuses because it is a guaranteed bonus fund. Although a match bonus comes with requirements like other bonuses, its requirements are much easier to meet.

When you come across an ad for a match bonus online, it may look like this: a 200% Match Bonus up to £1500. This bonus can be pretty confusing for punters who just started their online casino adventure. But don’t overthink it; this article will teach you everything you need to know about the match deposit bonus and how to claim it like a pro. Let’s explore more.

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What Is a Casino Match Deposit Bonus?

As the name implies, casino deposit match bonuses are a type of deposit bonus. When you fund your casino account with an amount, you will get a particular percentage of the amount you funded as a bonus. UK casinos offer punters this bonus to help them get more out of their deposit. With a match deposit bonus, punters can get their deposit value as much as twice or thrice, depending on the offer.

However, take note that the match deposit bonus comes with limitations. These limitations can come from the minimum amount to deposit, wagering requirements, and the timeframe to meet the wagering requirement. If you can satisfy these requirements, the bonus will be available for you to withdraw.

How Do Match Deposit Bonuses Work?

When you come across match deposit bonuses, the first thing to look at is the percentage of the deal. The percentage stated by the casino is the amount you will receive in bonus when you make a deposit. For example, when you see a 100% deposit match bonus of up to £3000, what this means is that any amount you deposit will receive a 100% match. If you deposit £200, you will get a bonus of £200.

In the example above, the section that reads “of up to £1000” means the maximum amount you can earn from the bonus is £1000. So, when you deposit £2000, you should get a £2000 match bonus, but you will only receive a £1000 match bonus because the bonus is picked at £1000. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the wagering requirements while at it.

Most Common Casino Deposit Match Bonuses

Now that you know what a deposit match bonus is and how it works, it is also essential to know it comes in different types. The casino’s variety of match bonuses determines how much bonus you can earn. Below is a typical example of the different variations match bonuses come in:

50% Match Deposit

When you see an online casino offer a 50% match bonus, what this means is that they are offering punters 50% of their deposit. In other words, punters aiming to claim this bonus will earn half of their deposit. So, if a punter deposits £100 on this bonus, the punter will earn £50 as a match bonus. The wagering requirements for this type of bonus are often lower.

100% Match Deposit

The 100% match deposit is the most common of the match bonuses you can find at most online casinos. This match bonus is a well-sought-after bonus by many punters. Punters can earn 100% of their deposit as a match bonus with this bonus. In other words, punters will make an equivalent to what they deposit as a bonus. So, if you fund your account with £100, you will earn £100 as a match bonus.

200% Match Deposit

The 200% match deposit is the type of bonus you find in online casinos seeking to lure new punters to the casino. This attractive deposit bonus rewards punters with 200% of their deposit. In other words, punters earn twice as much as their deposit with this bonus. For example, when a punter deposits £100 to claim this bonus, the punter will earn £400 in match bonus. However, the wagering requirement of this bonus is often not the easiest to accomplish.

300% Match Deposit

Even better than a 200% bonus is the 300% match bonus casino offer to lure new players. With this bonus, players can claim 300% of their deposit. In other words, with this type of bonus, you can earn three times your deposit. So, if you deposit £100 to claim this bonus, you can potentially earn a £300 match bonus. As usual, the wagering requirement for this type of bonus is quite challenging to satisfy.

400% Match Deposit

If you are looking for a higher bonus, the 400% match bonus might be perfect. With this bonus, you can earn 400% of your deposit. In other words, this bonus rewards you with four times your deposit. So, as a punter, if you deposit £100 to claim this bonus, you can earn as much as a £400 match bonus. The wagering requirement on this bonus is more challenging to meet than the 300% bonus.

500% Match Deposit

Lastly, the 500% match bonus is the highest match bonus you can commonly find at online casinos. This bonus is so enticing that you can earn as much as 500% of your deposit. In other words, this bonus rewards you with five times your deposit. So, for example, if you deposit £100 to claim this bonus, you can earn as much as a £500 match bonus. The wagering requirement on this bonus is the hardest to accomplish but not impossible.

Does Deposit Matches Bonuses Come With Free Spins?

Depending on the casino, sometimes deposit match bonuses come with other bonuses. Some casinos will reward you with the percentage of the cash you deposit and additional bonuses such as free spins when it comes to the deposit match bonuses.

However, the no deposit free spins come with certain conditions; it is still worthwhile. Essentially, the free spin is used on different types of slot games. Luckily, most casinos come with enticing slot games such as video slot, classic slot, live slot, etc.

But before you go ahead to start dreaming of reaping the fruits of free spins with no deposit required, note that the condition that comes with the free spin varies. The free spin bonus condition is sometimes easy to accomplish, while sometimes it is difficult.

The difficulty of the condition that comes with the free spin bonus depends on the casino offering it. Some casinos require that punters only use the free spin bonus on a type of game title. Or sometimes, the condition that comes with the free spin may limit how you can win.

Common Match Deposit Bonus Terms And Conditions You Should Know

Online casinos are a business and are not handing out free money. So, every cash match bonus or no deposit bonus an online casino offer comes with a twist or terms and conditions. The most common terms and conditions attached to match casino bonus includes:

  • All match bonuses come with wagering requirements. For some online casinos, the wagering requirement attached to the match bonus could be 10x. This means that you must use the bonus up to ten times.
  • The offer validity of the match bonus is often within a specific period. If the wagering requirement is not satisfied within this period, the bonus will expire. The validity of the match bonus in some casinos could be about seven days or more.
  • Some casinos require players to meet specific criteria to be eligible for the match bonus. This criterion may be the amount to deposit, be a new player, be from a particular state, etc.
  • Most online casinos that offer a match bonus also restrict the withdrawal of funds. It is such that the bonus cash cannot be withdrawable until you meet the wagering requirement. The bonus will be annulled if you make a withdrawal before completing the wagering requirement.

What Is the Difference Between Match Deposit Bonus and No Deposit Bonus

Many punters know a match bonus as a first deposit bonus, while no deposit bonus is known as a welcome bonus. Because of this, many punters often confuse these two. Moreover, they seem pretty similar, but there is a considerable difference between them.

Match bonus, as we explained, requires a deposit to earn it. At the same time, a no deposit bonus does not require any deposit whatsoever to earn it.

Also, a match bonus rewards you a certain percentage of the amount you deposit. On the other hand, a no deposit bonus rewards you with a fixed amount after registering. The amount you earn with a match bonus depends on how much you deposit. But how much you make with a no deposit bonus depends on how generous the online casino feels.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing a Match Deposit Bonus?

Are you looking to get the best deals on match deposit bonuses? If yes, then there are some key factors you need to look out for in this casino bonuses:

Wagering Requirement

Even the most generous online casino still requires that you meet a specific wagering requirement before you can withdraw a match deposit bonus. So, to be able to withdraw your bonus, you need to risk it a couple of times.

For example, if the wagering requirement of the bonus is 5x, it means you need to wager the bonus at least five times. With this in mind, always look for a match bonus with extremely favourable wagering requirements.

The Amount You Need to Deposit

To even get the bonus in the first place, you need to make a deposit. Always go for a bonus that gives you more for depositing less. For example, if you want to choose between a bonus that offers a 50% match and one that offers a 100% match, always go for the higher bonus. In this case, the 100% bonus is a better choice. Also, if the 50% bonus comes with a £1000 limit while the 100% comes with a £500 limit, you will still be better off with the 100% match as with the 50% match, you will be forced to deposit obscene amounts to earn the advertised limit.

Time Is Given to Meet the Wagering Requirements

After earning the match bonus, the time starts ticking. So, you want to look out for deposit match bonuses that give you sufficient time to meet the wagering requirements. If you go for a bonus that will lapse for a shorter timeframe, you may play hurriedly, meaning you are more likely to lose the bonus.


What Casino Games Can I Play With My Deposit Match Bonus?

You can use a match bonus to play any casino game. You are only restricted by the online casino you registered on. But most of the time, you can use a match bonus on all games, be it slot, blackjack, poker, etc.

Can I Cash Out My Deposit Match Bonus?

You can only withdraw a deposit match bonus after meeting the wagering requirements. However, you may be on the verge of losing your bonus if you cash out before meeting the wagering requirement.

Are Deposit Match Bonuses Available to New Players Only or Existing Ones?

While most of the time, match bonuses are designed to lure in new players. Some online casinos also offer exciting players this bonus to keep them enticed and playing at the casino.

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