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Bonus Symbols

What Are Symbols?

Before taking a look at the bonus symbols casino sites and trying the game, it is very important first to understand what icons are. Even though plenty of new variations are added to the slots in terms of its design, gameplay, etc., the one thing that is common in all the traditional and the up-to-date slots is the symbols used. The symbols are nothing but the various types of icons, images or signs that you see on the reels. To get good payouts, the player needs to land more of the matching icons on the active play lines. There may be low valued and high valued symbols and also some special signs in the game that comes with multiplier options. They might have special features like free spins bonus, expanding wilds, top bonus symbols, etc.

Slot Symbols and Definitions

  • Standard Symbols

This is the most basic type of symbol seen in a slot game. They will offer a minimum payout when you get three or more of these icons on a payline.

Some of the commonly seen standard signs in the modern-day slots are:
  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten, and nine of the playing cards;
  • Card suits like diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts;
  • Fruit icons like cherries, melons, grapes, oranges, and lemons;
  • Classic icons like number red seven, single, double, triple and any bar signs.
  • Wild Symbols

The wild icon can replace any of the other low-valued images on the playing grid other than the scatter and special UK bonuses symbol to form winning combinations. Nowadays, you will find the wilds to come in different options like multipliers wilds, expanding wilds, stacked wilds, walking wilds, etc. They will help in increasing your payouts.

They are the best icons in a gird as they help in activating new rounds. They also pay like the standard icons and if you get more of the scatters to show anywhere on the reels, then they will lead to higher amounts. The modern-day online casinos offer a wide range of withdrawal methods to encash the wins. They trigger free spins round, and many of the leading software bonuses offer multipliers for the win that you get through these free rounds.

  • Bonus Symbol

The special symbol is the most anticipated icon among all gamblers. It helps in getting the biggest wins when you play slots on the mobile or desktop. They are not seen in retro and classic type of slots. They are created to match the theme and the design of the title. Most of the special icons on the reels will not offer any payout even if you are making deposits to play with real cash.

Make the Bonus Icons Count

The players welcome the bonus signs with both hands as they give them plenty of options to win big by triggering free games that come with bigger cash prizes. The main types of slot games that use special icons are:

The bonus symbol that land in these types of slots will trigger the wheel spinning extra round normally.

There is a wide range of video slots that offer the bonus symbols. They normally award a special round when three or more of them land on an active payline.

  • Fruit Machine Slots

These slots offer different types of bonus icons. You need to get a fixed number of special icons on the reels to trigger the special feature.

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