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European Casinos

Europe is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the world. The region has 50 countries with diverse languages and cultures making it a great place to explore. For gamblers, the continent is not stressful to visit either, as the game is legal in most regions. Consequently, a visit to the region will also allow you to enjoy playing your favourite game at top European casinos.

When in places like Italy, England, and France, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on hotel stays unless you want luxury amenities. Therefore, expenses should be among the least things to worry about when on the visit to the continent. While in Europe, you can visit renowned gambling sites like the French Riviera and Monaco among others.

Gambling Laws in Europe

Europe is home to the world’s largest economic block called the European Union (EU). Although the organization is responsible for designing various economic and legal policies, the member countries are still responsible for establishing their laws. The lack of legislation that standardizes gambling activities in the region gives the independent countries the role of passing their laws. Nevertheless, the region can be considered to have fair gambling legislation.

While travelling across the vast continent, it is important to know about the existing gambling laws in different countries. Although most of the leading casinos operate in the region, there may be significant differences between what is allowed and what is not. Consequently, it’s important to know these differences when dealing with European online casinos.

Some of the gambling jurisdictions in Europe are:
  • Malta – In Malta, the Lotteries & Gaming Authority (LGA) is in charge of regulating and licensing gambling companies. The country was the first one in the EU to put in place gambling laws. Companies licensed in the country are allowed to advertise their services in the UK. The nation has appealing tax rates and competitive fees making it one of the most advanced gambling jurisdictions.
  • The Isle of Man – The Isle of Man is considered to also have one of the most advanced gambling laws in the world. The strict requirements make online casinos registered in the region appear legitimate. The region provides gambling companies with an attractive taxation package.
  • Gibraltar – Since Gibraltar started issuing betting and gaming licenses two decades ago, many established gambling companies have registered there. The country has a strict registration requirement. Gambling is the largest employer in the region.
  • Alderney – Alderney Gaming Control Commission (AGCC) is the body responsible for licensing gambling companies in Alderney. They have a strict registration process making gambling companies registered in the region to be considered legit.

European Gaming & Betting Association (EGBA)

The Brussels-based agency was established in 2007 to implement a regulated, competitive, and fair market for online gambling companies. Only a few firms have registered with the organization. However, due to the complexity of legislation and regulation in the region, the association has not yet achieved its goal.

European Gambling Market

In 2015, Europe had the largest gambling market worth USD 18.11 billion. The Asian and the Middle Eastern market came second at USD 11.67 billion. In the same year, Italy recorded revenue of 18 billion euros, the highest gross gambling revenue (GGR) on the continent. The United Kingdom came second with a revenue of 17.9 billion euros. Other countries such as Spain, France, and Germany had revenue of over 8 billion euros.

According to the 2015 statistics, sports betting had the largest share of online gambling with 37 per cent. This can be partly attributed to the popularity of football in the region. Apart from their UEFA Champions League, countries such as England, Spain, and Germany have very competitive football leagues that are popular on the continent and the entire world. Pokers and online casinos followed football in revenue with each contributing 24 per cent and 22 per cent respectively.

The 2015 statistics also revealed that online gambling contributed 15 per cent of all the revenue in the gambling sector. By 2020, this figure is expected to reach 18 per cent. France had the highest number of casinos and also saw the highest number of visitors to the casinos. The Czech Republic followed France with 218 associated casinos in the same year.

European Online Casinos

Europe can be considered one of the best gambling destinations. This is because of the high number of great casinos that you can adequately spend your money and time. To have the best experience, it is good to identify the best online casinos in the region. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, you have to identify the site that will allow you to play legally.

In any gaming session, you don’t need to spend all your hard-earned euros. You can use a welcome bonus EU on whichever site you visit to play your favourite game and win. Most companies use this bonus to attract new players on their website. Welcome bonuses have become popular in recent times, and it’s rare to come across a site without one.

Due to the strict registration process in most jurisdictions in the region, it is safe and secure to play on most of these sites. Nevertheless, you only need to check where a company is registered to decide if it is reputable. Going through online reviews can also help you identify a legit company.

Another technique that online casinos in Europe use to attract new members and keep existing ones, is the free spins. Free spins are mostly offered upon signing up or when a new slot has been introduced. Regardless of the number of spins offered, it is advisable to go through terms & conditions before accepting the offer.

Top European Casinos

We have prepared a list of top 10 casinos in Europe to make your gambling experience in the region enjoyable.

  • BetVoyager – BetVoyager is the casino that differs from the rest as it allows one to play without a house hedge. This is something you will rarely come across in Europe. The company has a nice bonus for new players. Upon signing up, you get five no deposit free spins. The company also has a deposit bonus that comes with 230 extra spins.
  • Europa Casino – Players on Europa Casino have access to various bonuses. There is a monthly bonus of $/£/€100. For high roller bonus, a deposit of $/£/€1000 attracts a 50 per cent match bonus. Slot players can play the latest slot games.
  • RedBet Casino – New players on this website enjoy a welcome bonus of 100 per cent up to $/£/€100. Players on this website have access to many games. The website is popular as it accepts various currencies such as NOK, SEK, USD, CHF, GBP, and EUR.
  • Betfair – Betfair is another major and reliable casino in Europe. The website has a match bonus of up to 200 per cent. The players can also enjoy a bonus of up to €400. Players on this site have access to a huge selection of slots. Once your bonus is depleted, the online casino adds you 100 free spins.
  • Betway Casino – Betway Casino is a great gambling website especially if you are a slot lover. On signing up, the company gives a big welcome bonus. The first three deposits also see the players get match bonuses. The first deposit of over €20 attracts a match bonus of up to £250.
  • PokerStars Casino – You can access PokerStars on any device including mobile phones. The site is especially popular because of the high number of games it offers. The website is not only among the most trusted casinos but also has top-notch customer support incomparable to that offered by other casinos in Europe and beyond.
  • Slots Magic Casino – If you are looking for an online casino where you can withdraw money instantly, Slots Magic Casino should cross your mind. Moreover, the website offers a welcome bonus of up to $/£/€100 and 50 free spins.
  • NetBet – NetBet is another good casino in Europe, especially if you love online slots. On the first deposit, you get a bonus of up to €200. The website accepts a deposit of at least €10. Players have access to many games from different hot sources.
  • Champagne Spins – Champagne Spins Casino is another popular site as it offers over 800 games. If you are a European player, this is one of the best casinos for you as it has a minimum deposit of €20. The website has generous bonuses. New players, for instance, have a welcome package composed of 150 free spins and €750.
  • All Slots Casino – This is another top-rated casino that gives players access to many games. The first deposit attracts a 100 per cent bonus of up to $/€200. The second and the third deposits attract a 25 per cent and 50 per cent bonus respectively of up to $/€100.

When selecting the best online casino in Europe, it is important to consider the payouts and the withdrawal duration. Most of the websites have live casino games allowing the players to follow the games easily. Online games can provide you with a good opportunity to spend your time and earn extra income.

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