Diamond 7s Slot Machine

Diamond 7’s

Someone once said diamonds are a woman’s best friend. It’s not hard to figure out why given the amount of money these tiny, glistening rocks cost. Well, anyway, that doesn’t matter much as Microgaming wants both genders to enjoy and get the most out of these tiny rocks!

Diamond 7’s is not one of the fanciest slots out there to be playing, more so when it comes to the graphics, it has to offer, but you can be sure that it’s one of the most rewarding games. Featuring the classic 3 reels and 1 payline format, this low variance game can be played from as little as €0.75 up to a maximum of €75 on each bet.

Play Diamond 7’s Slots for free or real money on both mobile and PC platforms. As mentioned earlier, the game features a very basic theme, a blue laser like a backdrop and from then on, it will be binging all the way. To bring out the diamond effect, every symbol has been encrusted in gems. As well try to play Family Guy Slot Review.

Game info
  • 3 Reels
  • 1 Paylines
  • 0.25 Min bet
  • 5 Max bet
  • No Bonus round
  • Yes Free spins
  • Yes Gamble Feature
  • Yes Mobile

How to Play Diamond 7’s Slots

Unlike other popular videos, Diamond 7’s is unique and has a straightforward play. Have you ever tried any of the fruit machines at your local pub? Those classic machines you just slot in that coin, and pull the lever?

The same concept is applied to Diamond 7’s. However, it’s slightly different given that it’s playable on mobile and PC. It also differs from the other games because all you have to do is choose the coin amount you wish to bet, then click on the spin button to spin the reels.

Diamond 7’s Slot Review – In-Game Features, Bonuses, and Other Special Features

This is yet another category that this game stands out from the rest of the games. It does not have any special in-game features such as the wild, scatter, and bonus symbols. There’s one Diamond 7’s slot review  I came across saying the lucky number 7 is the wild symbol, but I wondered, how can it be and yet this game has only one payline and 3 reels?

So any time you come across a Diamond 7’s slot review mentioning special symbols such as wild and scatters, ignore it and look for an alternative.

Since the game doesn’t have any special symbols, it also lacks bonus rounds. It, however, has a top prize that comes as a 2,500× multiplier on your bet, but it comes in a very interesting way. Here’s how unique and interesting the game is.

If you wager only one coin and happen to match three Diamond 7’s symbols, you’ll win a prize of 500× your prize. If you wager two coins, you’ll have a prize of 1,000× your bet, but if you bet three coins, the potential win is 2,500× you bet.

Diamond 7’s is the perfect choice for a player looking for a slot with a classic theme. It features only 3 reels and 1 payline. It’s such a shame however that it doesn’t have any wild and scatter symbols, but nevertheless, it’s a game that’s worth trying out.