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What Is Multiplier?
This feature is nothing but a free option that the gambler gets where his/her wins will be increased by the given number of times. It is denoted by ‘x’ next to the number like 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. It is a common feature in many of the popular and modern-day free slots. They can increase your winnings by 100x or 1000x in some games. The odds of winning get increased with every additional stake made before spinning the reels. The unique multipliers symbols will be seen on the slot reels along with their number. There are certain special features that are conceived to increase your winnings. There are others that can boost your total bets and line bets.

The Different Types of Multipliers and Their Features

  • Multipliers Base Play

It is not a common sight to see this special feature during the base game. There are some casino games that offer this special feature for the base game. It is designed to increase the value of that activated payline. They are normally attached to the winning combination, and you might need to land 4 or 5 identical symbols on the paylines win a 4x or 5x feature respectively.

  • Bonus Game Multiplication

There are plenty of chances for this special feature to be part of a slot game’s bonus rounds. If they do so, then the potential of increasing the winnings is dramatic. They will also add up to the entertainment and the excitement of playing the title.

  • Free Spin Multipliers

There are some free spins multipliers slots that give the gamblers the option to choose the boosters that are placed behind special symbols. These will be part of the free spins round. If this is the case, then this special feature will be working on a sliding scale. A player who gets plenty of free spin rounds will get access to smaller boosters of just 5x or even less. If your free spins are restricted to minimum numbers, then you can get a higher booster of up to 20x.

  • Wild and Scatter Multipliers

There are certain occasions when wild icons are offered with the multiplication function. They are rare, but some of the leading software developers offer this option. The wild icons that act as the multipliers in casino slots will replace any of the other icons to form a winning combination. The role of this special feature is much more prominent with the scatter symbols. If you get a scatter booster to show up anywhere on the reels to create a winning combination, then the winnings will be boosted to a certain number of times.

  • Bet Multiplication

There are some top slots with multiplier bet options, and they work in a different fashion to the other types of boosters. They have the capacity to boost the overall bet made by the players or can increase a payline bet. If this is the case, then the wager amount will get increased and not the wins. This special feature that boosts the bet amount, on the whole, has every chance to become profitable for the players. This is because it has the capacity of boosting the wagers on all the active paying lines.

No matter what kind of boosters are on offer in the slots, they are sure to give you plenty of chances to win more money. They will not cause any harm to the bankroll and will only help in boosting your wins. So, it is a good idea to make use of the multiplier promotions offered by many online video slots machine.

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