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Of all the nations in the world, it is surprising to know that the US is one of the nations that does not allow its members to engage in online gambling. Gaming for money has always been a sport that is welcomed in the USA. For centuries, the states have been using wagering activities to raise funds for development without necessarily imposing more taxes on the people. A fine example of this is when Nevada suffered the hoover dam incident back in 1929.

The result was a hard-economic crash that left the state in a crawling state. Therefore, the governors of this region saw it fit to legalize gambling activities to sustain the economy while the other affected sectors got back onto their feet. Other states took to the same trend when they saw that Nevada was prospering more than them from casino businesses. As of today, not all the nations of America allow staking activities both online and offline. This guide to USA online casinos enlightens gamers on how they can go about betting for money while in the USA.

Online Gambling in the USA

Players from all over the world, especially in areas like Europe, can gamble in online casinos without any restrictions. It is surprising then to learn that taking chances in websites within most of the USA is illegal. Residents in the restricted states cannot access wagering services in web casinos for real money. Worse still, they cannot advertise betting affairs for online gaming dens. Access to USA online casinos has been bugling for most online gamers. However, the stipulations about the consequences of violating this directive are harsh. Thus, most sane people do not risk their funds on any web gambling activities.

However, some states have provided this availability to gamers in their jurisdiction. Fanatics of online sets can spend money on their favourite games without fear of prosecution.

These places that have not banned gambling within their borders include:
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware, and
  • The US Virgin Islands.

The four states that are mentioned above are the only ones that do not have any restrictions on betting on the internet. Online casino in the USA legal regulations in the remaining regions does not allow their members to bet on the internet. Two specific areas ban wagering entirely in their jurisdictions. They are Hawaii and Utah. It’s, therefore, safe to say that these are the only two places where wagering cannot take place at all.

Gaming Software

In the USA, some gaming companies are also not allowed to avail their sets in the region. Sadly, some of these create highly interactive games that many online wager persons have come to like. Some of these states that allow betting on the internet avail a few more than others. For example, New Jersey encourages companies like IGT, WMS, and Net Entertainment to provide their operations in the region. However, the other three states that allow online gambling does not let these gaming companies offer their services to players based in those regions. Other entities that avail online games to USA citizens include Rival Gaming, BetSoft, RTG, Wager Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Slotland, and 3Dice. RTG casinos in the USA seem to be taking the lead since they avail sets to almost all the web casinos in the area.

USA Casino Bonuses

Even though there are restrictions to many other things in the US, casino bonuses are not affected by these variables. Both new and established players have the chance to enjoy these free rewards. New players gain welcome awards that can be a combination of free spins, real money, free cash, or casino chips. This is not standard since the sites that operate within the US have the right to choose the type of free rewards they avail to their members.

Other regular gifts that American chance takers are bound to get as added advantages of being members of the US online casinos are:
  • Match deposit bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Percentage rewards
  • Cashback gift
  • Daily challenges prizes
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Bonus codes rewards, etc.

To gain these items, gamers have to see to it that they fulfil a few stipulations that are set by each site. These are usually simple tasks that involve creating new casino accounts, depositing some little funds into the account, or completing a challenge as directed by the casino. Even more, it is wise for these persons to ensure that before they accept any reward given to them by these entities, they should read the wagering requirements attached to it. This is to avoid losing the funds they make through real money gaming. Most casinos require their clients to bet using a specified amount of money before they can withdraw. The number of funds they spend will fluctuate from a site to another depending on the stipulations set by each.

Players who prefer not to take advantage of freebies can go ahead and do so and skip the offer and use their funds to bet for real money.

USA Online Casinos

Seeing that gambling is banned on the internet in most states, not so many businesses are willing to offer their services to gaming fanatics in the region. Therefore, finding the sites that are availing games of various kinds to gamers can be a bit tricky. Even so, a few daring places have taken it upon themselves to quench the thirst of this growing market.

These are:
  • Cherrie Gold
  • Uptown Pokies
  • Thunderbolt Casino
  • BoVegas Casino
  • Las Vegas USA Casino
  • Grande Vegas Casino
  • Vegas Crest
  • Slots Capital Casino
  • Red Stag Casino
  • Miami Club Casino, etc.

These are the top 10 casinos in the USA that are dedicated to letting players have a taste of the online gambling world.

Mobile Casinos in the USA

Mobile gaming is one of the additions to the betting realm that is becoming very attractive to players. More chance-taking individuals are joining this bandwagon that allows them to play their best games as they move about. Aside from the fact that this option is secretive, more flexible, and provides the gambler with free no deposit bonus items for joining the opportunity, gamers enjoy it since it has two useful options that they can take advantage of. One is the download variation. Bettors can download their best casino app and play the games it avails. If they already are members of these entities, the gamers only have to log in using the details they availed when creating the online account. New users may have to create a new account to support their betting activities.

In addition to this, they can also search for their best casino using the available browser. The html5 option works more or less like desktop availability. The difference is felt when it comes to the size of the screen features. However, every other aspect works perfectly as it would on a PC machine. Because the rules that regard betting in the USA are harsh, it is tough to find the newest mobile casino apps being created. Most business owners prefer to stick to desktop gambling to avoid any losses. In addition to the real money option, it is possible to find a free play variation that allows each member to test the games before they can enjoy them for actual funds.

Selection of Games

Gamblers can play various online games with varying themes. These are availed by the gaming software companies mentioned above. Both smooth and technical set lover can pick what they want from what is offered to them.

A few of the games that a player can get when they visit the top USA casinos include:
  • Slot machines
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Keno, and
  • Poker.

Both the live online games and the machine-regulated sets are offered to bettors. These sets have relatively good payouts, which means gamers can enjoy RTP rates of up to 96% and more. The casino operators also ensure that even international persons residing within the jurisdictions allowed to gamble also have a fair chance at playing in their sites. German, Spanish, Polish, and Chines are the most commonly availed dialects. However, others not listed above are also provided in different places. Players should find out by speaking to the client support teams of each casino or reading reviews of the sites that are available to USA citizens.

Parting Shot

It is very tricky to gamble on the internet if you live in the USA. Even with very lucrative no deposit bonus availabilities, it is not worth taking the risk. This is mostly because the legal aspect of betting on the internet is not allowed by most of the states. Casino USA legal opportunities are only flexible when it comes to land-casinos. Gamers who feel they have to gamble can try this option as opposed to online wagering.

Click below to read more, as well as the legality of wagering in this region are also given here.

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